Job Search Email Etiquette

These days a lot of prospective employers communicate with applicants through email – we sure do! Everything you do during the job search is a chance to make an impression and can affect whether or not you get the position you’ve applied for. So while it may seem small, paying attention to how you’re using email during your job search can have a huge impact. Here are some important things to pay attention to:

Your Email Account Name

Make sure you have an email account that is appropriate for business use. If your email account name includes anything inappropriate or is a long string of letter or numbers you might not be making the impression you want. And remember to never ever send emails from the email address you have for your current job!

Some people create a new email account just to use for their job search, that way they can ensure the account name is professional and that important job search emails don’t get lost in their personal email account.

Email Subject Line

Never leave the subject line of your email blank, because people are less likely to open it, and it might end up in someone’s spam filter. If you’re not sure what the subject line should be, just make it the title of the position you’re applying for. For example, “Commercial Lease Administrator Position.” Sometimes it can also be helpful to include your name in the subject line.

Email Message Content

In any email that you send, state who you are, why you’re sending the email, and your request. The more specific you can be while keeping the message to a reasonable length the better. At the end of the message be sure to say thank you and list how the person you’re emailing can get in touch with you.

Email Signature

It’s helpful to include an automatic signature in your email that lists your name and your contact information. Here is an example:

FirstName LastName
Email Address
Cell Phone
LinkedIn Profile (Optional)


Before sending an email to a prospective employer triple check everything! One mistake you never want to make is to misspell the name of the person you’re sending the email to. Having typos, misspellings and grammatical errors in your email will definitely make the wrong impression.

A concise, professional email free of typos and grammatical errors is a great way to stand out during your job search!