Warehouse Specialist

Minimum Education:  High school diploma or GED
Minimum Experience:    Two years in warehousing and fulfillment operations.
Location of work:   Near Portland International Airport.

Hours:   Eight hours between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with 30-60 minutes for lunch break.

Work Days:   Monday through Friday except Federal Holidays and other officially ordered periods of shut down.

Compensation: $ 18.02 per hour + Medical Coverage, Group Short and Long-Term Disability Benefits, Life and AD&D Insurance Benefits, and Employee Assistance Program

Duration of Assignment: Approximately one year, but may be extended

Warehouse services include: Processing incoming freight for delivery to and from secure warehouse to regional offices; pick up, packaging, and delivery of outgoing freight for transfer or other methods of disposal; monitoring and controlling inventory; scheduling the receiving of new inventory; janitorial duties at the warehouse; and other related duties as assigned. Janitorial services shall include “light cleaning” such as maintaining a clean bathroom, dusting and sweeping the floors, and maintaining general cleanliness.

Position Requirements:

• Ability to rapidly learn how to safely and skillfully operate hand and power tools such as drills, saws, and nail guns to prepare freight for shipment, safely load and unload pallets jacks, dollies, collapsible hand trucks, and motorized fork lifts.

• Be a legal citizen of the United States of America

• Able to fluently read, write, and understand English.

• Have a valid State of Oregon or Washington driver’s license and be able to safely operate motorized vehicles such as autos, light duty delivery trucks and vans.

• be able to obtain federal government security clearance.

• Possess computer skills such as data entry for mail/inventory processing and control, and ability to receive and send short business messages via electronic mail.

• Be physically capable to routinely work on his/her feet for an eight-hour shift, and be able to safely bend, lift, and carry items that weigh approximately 55 lbs.

• be able to take direction, follow specific guidelines and regulations, and work independently with care, courtesy, and efficiency.

General Tasks:

Coordinate all warehouse processes to result in highly efficient, well-coordinated, and collectively supportive operations.

Promptly notify employer and client of 1) unsafe working conditions, and 2) equipment that is not in good working order. Provide written notification (i.e., an electronic message) to ensure that the follow-up actions and resolution of the conditions can be readily and accurately tracked.

Dress in a manner that is appropriate for the duties performed and a manner that projects a professional business image.

Provide highly responsive, discrete, cooperative, and courteous service at all times.

Operate all equipment in a manner consistent with its intended purposes and exercise care to avoid unnecessary wear, tear, or damage. Promptly contact the appropriate pre-approved vendors for routine maintenance or report of equipment. Promptly notify non-routine maintenance and repair needs to the client.